Creating & Conversation Episode 3

In this episode we show how to compose stylish fabric flower rings and talk about being in an uncomfortable position. Check it below!

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Kelly Green OOTD


It’s getting cooler, the humidity is dropping and fall is existing. Today we feature an autumn DIY Outfit-Of-The-Day. Not sure if I am in love the fall or not but I am glad for season change. This always means NEW clothes and that makes me light up inside. This week a three-quarter length pocketed knit tunic is featured in my favorite color ……kelly green. I used Butterick pattern b6492 but changed the back view to make it identical to the front. I belted the shirt because I it needed an accessory highlight.

The tunic is paired with faux denim woven cotton blue wide leg pants. I made these pants a year or so ago. Check out the blog post for these wide leg pants here. I used Simplicity pattern 1069 for the pants . The pants fit well though I had to take the crotch area in a few inches. This pattern is very flexible; I was able change it with minor issues. I think my love for wide leg pants has grown since I finished these garments. The necklace is actually a neat handmade piece I found at a festival. It looks stunning atop of the kelly green ensemble.

Could you tell this Outfit-Of-The-Day was a Do-It-Yourself project?

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Creating & Conversation Episode 2

I have to admit that it took too long to create Episode Two of Creating & Conversation, a video blog. When I tell you technology failed many times I mean it. I had two separate videos in which I recorded, however, before the editing phrase could take place I realized there was no volume. NO VOLUME. I decided I was unhappy with the video after I realized the no volume situation. Then decided to revamp the entire Creating & Conversation experience. Through it all, I am confident in bringing you seven full episodes within this series of Creating & Conversation. The future episodes will not take as long to compose. I am extremely focused and this WILL happen regardless of the distractions of life.

In this episode I compose a no-sew bow choker and bracelet set and impose a conversational tidbit about being thankful. Click here to watch on Youtube.  I actually fell in love with these accessories after making them. I had these fabric remnant pieces from a project I completed a few years ago. I found the elastic pieces at a local store for less than two dollas. This set cost me about three dollars in all for my budget savvy shoppers out there.

Thankfulness is extremely important. There are so many little snippets of life to be in thanksgiving. In summary, end the complaining and increase the thankfulness regardless of the situation. I challenge you to remain in this place and watch your life change for the better.



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Navy Peplum and Pencil Skirt OOTD

Today we feature a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Outfit-Of-The-Day which includes a cute navy and hot pink look. We created a navy cotton t-shirt peplum top with a stretchy hot pink pencil skirt and accented it with a cream and navy spotted scarf with hints of brown. We organically put this outfit together it was not a coordinated piece. We made the skirt about four years ago and just finished the shirt last week. The scarf was made about a year ago. However, these items paired nicely and there you go….. I like to play with pieces that would not normally coincide.

I created by own pattern for the pencil skirt. I used a Mimi G tutorial but I did not follow the video tutorial to the T. I can be impatient as times when I am learning how to do something. My mind gets bored quickly so halfway through the video I decided to finish without watching the tutorial. I made a few mistakes but the pencil skirt came out fabulous.

I created the navy cotton peplum using McCalls m6754. I love this peplum shirt. I think I have made at least five of these and I think I could make five more. The scarf was created with a handmade pattern. I actually found this fabric for .50 cent. Yes, less than a dollar a yard! And I love it so much.  Okay, enjoy the rest of the pictures from the mini photo shoot.

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Creating & Conversation- A New Video Series Blog

Check out the latest Creating & Conversation Series preview video.

The time has come for the start of a new video series entitled, “Creating & Conversation.” Check out the preview video of this new video series below.

I have been wanting to compose a Do-It-Yourself show full of accessory creations and conversation for a while, however, personal distractions put it on hold. So I am asserting myself in this new season to new results and expectations. Check out Episode 1 below as I create a pretty-in-pink infinity scarf and chat of this new season.  Eventually guests will join the show but until then there will be great conversation with ME.  As I give you a window into my world I hope you enjoy every minute of it.


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