Series One Finale of Creating & Conversation

Hi all,

We finally made it to the last episode of Creating & Conversation. We have been working on this video series since Fall 2017 and it has been an experience. There were many hiccups along the way, however, through perseverance and discipline we finally finished. This episode was actually completed over three weeks ago but due to saving and exporting software issues we had to start over, a grueling SEVEN hour ordeal.

We hope you enjoy this video in which we create a DIY fabric brooch and speak about the importance of not showing fearful when being put on the spot. Stay tuned for our next season of Creating & Conversation!  Leave us feedback of your thoughts. We would love to hear from you!



Until next time …..create your lifestyle!

-Neci LoveHarmon

Creating & Conversation Episode 6

Today we feature Episode 6 of the first series Creating & Conversation. In this episode we talk of the importance of self-acceptance and create wonderful burlap table placemats! Stay tuned for the last episode of the series.

Until next time….. create your style!

– Neci LoveHarmon

Creating & Conversation Episode 5: Creativity and Emoji Pillows

Check out Episode 5 of the Creating & Conversation video series via Youtube. In this episode I speak of how anyone may use creativity as well as create beautiful hand-sewn emoji pillows. Subscribe to the Youtube page!


Until next time …… create your style!

-Neci Harmon

Creating & Conversation Episode 4: Scrubs Unapologetically

It has been a while with life and all of the responsibilities that come with it, however, we are true to our word. Yes, we are back with another episode of Creating and Conversation. In this episode I will speak of being unapologetically me and create a fabulous do-it-yourself sugar scrub. Thanks for watching in advance and subscribe to What’s She Creating Enterprises Youtube page!

Stay tuned for Episode 5… we promise we will not keep you waiting so long!

Until next time.. create your style!

-Neci LoveHarmon

Creating & Conversation Episode 3

In this episode we show how to compose stylish fabric flower rings and talk about being in an uncomfortable position. Check it below!

I hope you are enjoying this video series Creating & Conversation. Leave your thoughts.


Until next time ….. create your style!


-Neci LoveHarmon