Creating & Conversation- A New Video Series Blog

Check out the latest Creating & Conversation Series preview video.

The time has come for the start of a new video series entitled, “Creating & Conversation.” Check out the preview video of this new video series below.

I have been wanting to compose a Do-It-Yourself show full of accessory creations and conversation for a while, however, personal distractions put it on hold. So I am asserting myself in this new season to new results and expectations. Check out Episode 1 below as I create a pretty-in-pink infinity scarf and chat of this new season.  Eventually guests will join the show but until then there will be great conversation with ME.  As I give you a window into my world I hope you enjoy every minute of it.


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Until next time….. create your style.

-Neci LoveHarmon

Online Sewing Machine Video Tutorial

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote a blog post. With life happening everyday sometimes it can be difficult to sit down and write with a clear head. I had a few fans request a video detailing the stitch functions of the KENMORE 385 sewing machine. You may view the video here.

More videos to come in the future. If you have not viewed the Basic sewing machine tutorial of the KENMORE 385 we created please view here.

Let us know how we are doing by leaving a short comment.

Until next time ……Create Your Style!

-Neci Harmon

Emoji Pillows 101

I am so excited about our last completed project. We cut and constructed emoji pillows. This was the first sewing project for the beginner sewing class I am teaching at a local high school. The students enjoyed planning and creating the face of the emoji. Some had difficulty sewing the pillow by machine so they completed a hand-sewn pillow.

In order to create this pillow you will need:

1/2 yard of yellow felt fabric

1/4 yard of black, red and white felt

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Copy Paper for pattern

Pillow foam stuffing

Spool of thread



Colored pencil or pen

Once you have all of your supplies, locate a circle of your choice. Trace onto copy paper for pattern. Use a trash can or a circle you may find around your house. Transfer the copy paper circle to fabric using a pen or colored pencil. Cut two circles.

Next locate your Emoji face of choice using online technology. Trace onto copy paper. The easiest way to do this is to place copy paper atop of a desktop computer and trace. Transfer the emoji face to copy paper using pen or pencil of choice. Place the copy paper on top of the desktop screen and trace. Cut out and transfer the pattern to the felt fabric using a pen or colored pencil. Cut out the felt Emoji face.

Use a hot glue gun to glue the face in the center of the yellow felt circle. Place right sides together of Emoji faced circle and other yellow circle. Hand sew or machine stitch the circles leaving an opening for turning the pillow inside out.

Clip curves and turn pillow inside out. Add pillow foam to the inside until full. Use needle and thread to close opening in pillow. Voila! Emoji success!

These are the cutest pillows ever!

Until next time …..create your style!

-Neci Harmon


New Blues!


Hello all,

We’re back! After four months of change we are ready for the upcoming year with many new goals and creative projects. Expect more videos, more online writing and more connecting with other fabulous crafty individuals.

This week we feature the cutest baby ever … Baby Jett. He has been the main reason for the four month change. He is wearing his first DIY bob and bootie set. The white, brown and blue elephant printed cotton bib and bootie set was easy to execute. We have made over 12 sets of these items. We found this pattern in an unknown craft book over nine years ago.

Again, isn’t he the cutest model?

Until next time ….create your style!

-Neci LoveHarmon

Bags on DIY Bags!


Hello All,

It’s been a while hasn’t it. This week we paired a set of happy customers of What’s She Creating? Enterprises. The client on the left carries a brown faux leather printed clutch bag with a wooden circle accent and button. This is a great bag to take on day date excursions.

The client with the handheld tote on the right is working her bag. We constructed this item more than five years ago. This handheld tote is made of a black faux leather yoke and a turquoise, pink, black and gold printed cotton fabric. The handles are ribbon wrapped wooden dowels.

Both clients are extremely satisfied with their purchases and we love satisfying our clients. Why not check our online Etsy shop and order your custom bag today? Click here for the site.

Until next time….. create your style!

-Neci Harmon