DIY Home Garden Update and Gardening Tips!


Today we feature an update of our home garden. We decided since we planted so many fruits and vegetables this year, we would give a few gardening tips for those who are thinking about creating a future garden. Always remember if you do not have the space to put a garden in the backyard you may always use pots or containers for herbs and veggies.


Some tips when container gardening:

1. Containers are an option for those that have a deck or patio with full sun for at least eight hours a day. container_tomato_plant

2. Each container should have one or more holes at the bottom to assist with drainage of water. Feel free to use any container you have around the house to hold your plants.

3. The best type of plants to grow in a container or pot includes tomatoes, green peppers, basil, oregano and parsley.

4. Use fresh potting soil and do not place plants too close together or your plants may fail.


We have been growing our home garden in the ground for the past three months. We created a DIY home garden post a few months ago explaining all of the plants we anticipate to grow this season. Check it here.  The garden is flourishing with so many fruits and veggies which causes great excitement.

Below are some gardening tips when planting an in-ground home garden:

1. When starting, till the ground with either an electric tiller or a hand tiller to loosen the soil.

2. Use of soil with fertilizer or some type of organic soil or compost will assist your plants with growing long and strong. drought7

3. We traveled to the nearest Home and Garden Store and bought seedling plants for about $3 a plant. Seedings are miniature plants. We did, however, grow the watermelon and cantaloupe from the seed. When growing plants from the seed it takes longer so proper planning is needed for plants to flourish on time.

4. Check with your local home extension program or state gardening guide of when to start planting. Some plants can only be grown at certain times. We live in Georgia so we plant tomatoes and cantaloupe in March or April, however, if you live in a more northern states you may have to plant in May or June in order for your plants to flourish before Fall.

5. Once planted water every two to three days depending on humidity and dryness of the ground. Watch your plants grow fantastically.

Feel free to contact us with any home gardening questions. We are here to help!


Until next time ….. create your style!

-Nec Harmon


Spring planting brings a summer garden

You may ask, “What could she possibly be creating this week?” Well, she has planted a garden …. with the help of her lovely husband. Yes, that is correct and the veggie garden is flourishing. We decided  to plant lettuce, tomatoes, red peppers, strawberries, onions, blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon and potatoes.  We were a bit ambitious this year with our planting but we are believing for the best harvest! Pictured below are the Bibb lettuce planted in February.

Growing Lettuce

So to all family and friends, I hope you are ready to eat fresh veggies and fruits! We are more than Fashion and Style at What’s She Creating? Enterprises we are a lifestyle brand.

Tomatoes on the way up!

Above are pictured the tomato and pepper plants from the garden.When will you start your garden? Until next time  ….. create your style.

-Nec Harmon