Eat. Drink. Create. Take. Parties

Want to add a creative session to your next party?

Eat. Drink. Create. Take Parties are Do-It-Yourself (DIY) creative sessions for you and your participants. We instruct on a variety of projects and will cater our teaching to your group’s setting and interest. Some of our sample creative sessions include DIY Earrings and Charm Bracelets, DIY Polymer Clay Accessories, DIY Lip Gloss and Lipstick, T-shirts Transforms into Infinity scarves, DIY Rings, Stud and Spikes 101, DIY Pillows, etc. Each session lasts from one-three hours.

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We cater to:

Children’s Birthday Parties

Corporate Parties

Ladies’ Night Out

Club and Organizational Parties


You hold the party …. we bring the entertainment. Email us at for more information!

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