Navy Peplum and Pencil Skirt OOTD

Today we feature a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Outfit-Of-The-Day which includes a cute navy and hot pink look. We created a navy cotton t-shirt peplum top with a stretchy hot pink pencil skirt and accented it with a cream and navy spotted scarf with hints of brown. We organically put this outfit together it was not a coordinated piece. We made the skirt about four years ago and just finished the shirt last week. The scarf was made about a year ago. However, these items paired nicely and there you go….. I like to play with pieces that would not normally coincide.

I created by own pattern for the pencil skirt. I used a Mimi G tutorial but I did not follow the video tutorial to the T. I can be impatient as times when I am learning how to do something. My mind gets bored quickly so halfway through the video I decided to finish without watching the tutorial. I made a few mistakes but the pencil skirt came out fabulous.

I created the navy cotton peplum using McCalls m6754. I love this peplum shirt. I think I have made at least five of these and I think I could make five more. The scarf was created with a handmade pattern. I actually found this fabric for .50 cent. Yes, less than a dollar a yard! And I love it so much.  Okay, enjoy the rest of the pictures from the mini photo shoot.

Until next time ……. create your style!

-Neci LoveHarmon