Seat Cushion Disaster


Hello all,

We decided to create some seat cushions for our kitchen island bar stools. However, this project was a bit of a fail. I don’t have too many failure projects but I’m not satisfied with this one. I thought I would post it anyway just to show that sometimes one may come up with a fabulous idea and it may not be completed perfectly. I thought of this design using acrylic paint and tape on fabric and stitched it together to create a pillow seat cushion. However, I didn’t make the pattern large enough. The design of the cushion looks rather weird. I spent a lot of time creating this print, my fingers were tingling after painting the various colors and it didn’t fit the bar stool properly. I became upset about this. I asked my husband if he would assist with painting a second copy of this design but he said don’t worry about making another copy. I am going to create this again but it may be in the next few months when the frustration has gone away. The cushions will be larger, the black strings will be gone and the colors will be different.

Until next time …… create your style! Even if you mess up just know you can always recreate.

-Neci Harmon